Sharp T19D. 19in, 20ms?

I'm in the process of searching for an flat pannel. I really must buy a flat panel due to space limitations where I recently moved. It seems that there are no flat panel monitors over 17in that have a 16ms response rate. Due to the fact that I have been using a 21in CRT for over 3 years now, a 17 just won't cut it (I feel like I'm looking at a postage stamp of a monitor).

I ran across the Sharp T19D monitor. When I checked its specs on their website, it seemed decent but had no response time listed. I called them and they told the reponse time was 20ms at 16.77mil colors. questions to you all: 1)Has anyone used one for gaming/DVD playback that can comment on it?
2)It is possible that the sales rep at Sharp was full of it and the technology isn't around yet for 20ms at 19inches?
3) If I have to settle with a 25ms response rate on another flat panel, is the ghosting/blurring really that bad (when I read Tom's reviews, it sounds like gaming just isn't even possible with some of these 19inch monitors on the market)?

Any advice/feedback would be appreciated.
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  1. I am not sure why they dont list the RT, but here is review
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