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I recently ordered a Dell Ultrasharp U2713H 27" Monitor and had a few concerns being that this is my first monitor of this resolution. Optimal Res for this monitor is listed at 2560 x 1440 at 60 Hz I was wondering what type of cable I will need to actually be able to play at those high resolutions. I currently use a standard HDMI cable but I didn't think that would go past 1920x1080. This monitor will be used for gaming so I was also wondering if most or all games play on these resolutions.

PC Specs:
i7 3930K water cooled
Dual 2GB 6950'
16GB Ram
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  1. It should come with a Dual-Link DVI...

    A Display Port Cable will also work, which Im confident your 6950 has.
  2. Under "Whats in the box" from the website it reads: DVI-D Cable and
    DisplayPort Cable (Mini DP to DP)
  3. chrase13 said:
    Under "Whats in the box" from the website it reads: DVI-D Cable and
    DisplayPort Cable (Mini DP to DP)

    Should be good to go with either (assuming the DVI-D is a Dual Link DVI).

    FWIW, I just bought a Dell u2713HM Display (2560x1440) and it came with a slew of appropriate cables. Have fun gaming on 1400p!
  4. I have a U2711. Just about any game released within the past 7-8 years will work just fine and look great. It's so sharp that it actually took my eyes a while to get used to it.
  5. Honestly, I would use display port your monitor should come with one. I would use display port or a dvi-d cable. But I would much prefer a display port. Because the bandwidth of a display port cable is stronger then vga, dvi, and hdmi.
  6. So then the Display Port (Mini DP to DP) would be the preferred choice then? it looks like my graphics cards do have the mini ports. I see two mini ports so I'm assuming one of the two would work with this cable.
  7. Yes, yes it would. And display port is royalty free which means you can get cables for pretty cheap if you don't have one. But yea you would use the adapter connect the display port cable from your monitor to the mini dp to dp and be just fine.
  8. Cool. Thanks for all the information guys.
  9. Just to clarify, HDMI is capable of 2560×1600p60 (and 1440p as well).
  10. I don't think HDMI is. I believe at the higher resolutions you need either DVI-D or DP.
  11. The spec allows for it, it would depend on the output on the card and the cable he's using. I'm not sure how the 6950 is configured, it's very possible that the HDMI output is for HT only (24 fps). Obviously DVI is the easiest way to go.
  12. It looks like the latest revision standard for hdmi 1.4 which came out in 2009 is only capable of doing 1920x1200 further down the page.
  13. You linked this thread, did you mean to link this?
    And that's at 48-bit color.
  14. yes that is what I meant oops ><
  15. cuecuemore said:
    Just to clarify, HDMI is capable of 2560×1600p60 (and 1440p as well).

    This is true for the newest versions of HDMI (as shown in cuecuemore's link), but very few monitors or video cards actually provide support for these resolutions over HDMI, even if they support other features of newer versions of HDMI.

    Edit: additionally, it seems like the HDMI version is almost never specified in video card or monitor specifications.
  16. Just safer to go with DVI-D or DP.
  17. HDMI is able to go to higher resolutions now because they have increased the pixel clock rate. So yeah, you need both ends to be able to send and receive this higher clock rate. It can be done still.

    In the end. the other options will work just fine.
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