EVGA GTX 670 SLi Problem!

Alright so my cards were working fine in SLi for a couple of days now. For some reason I restarted my computer and the card connected to my monitor was giving me weird artifacts when loading the OS and won't finish loading it. I switched the cards and the other card works absolutely fine. What can I do to remedy this. Here are a few screenshots of device manager and pic of what the artifacting looks like on the monitor:


The card was working fine until now, pretty good temps and everything. Could this just be a driver issue? I am not sure what's going on? The fan is working on the card and it is being detected my device manager. It is not detected by nvidia control panel or evga precision x though.

I'm thinking of just returning both of them and getting MSI GTX 670 Power Editions to SLI. What do you guys think? I am not going to use the Step-Up Plan anyway. One of the cards just doesn't work now it looks like. When I plug it into the monitor it artifacts like crazy and idk what to do. I tried uninstalling the driver, reinstalling, etc.

Gonna make a decision in the next 24 hours on what to do. I might also send back the ram because it's not 2133MHz, it's performing like 1333MHz, might as well exchange that for the 1600MHz and see if that works, and get different cards for SLi. I know it's not the PCIe slot because the other card works fine, and I switched the positions.

Also in GPU-Z it's reading like different BIOS for each card, weird...


What's the problem?
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  1. Well you need to test each card or suspected card individually for starters. For the ram you need to enable XMP in the bios.

    Try reinstalling the lastest drivers and making sure SLI is set to Maximize 3D.
  2. I tried them separately, and one card works the other doesn't when connected to the monitor. The XMP Profile for 2133MHz doesn't work and I get BSOD. Now I can't even see a second card in the Nvidia Control Panel.

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