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GTX660ti not showing video on startup.

January 25, 2013 10:19:02 PM

Please note: This is a remade thread of this:

So basically, I've installed the card into my computer, and it appears to be running. The fans indeed spinning (Felt it, lol) and the computer detects the graphics card as well. (Listed in Device manager as the proper name, GTX 660ti)

I downloaded and installed the lastest drivers straight from Nvidia itself. I plugged in the DVI cable into the slot, booted up the computer, and Blank! No screen!

After more extencive research, I discovered my PSU is this:

I was forced to use one of the 6 pin adapter thingies that came with the Gtx660ti itself, and it APPEARS to work.

However, even thought the computer detects it (Ruling out GPU failure) and my computer still works when using the on-board graphics slot (Ruling out Mobo failure) What could possibly be the issue?