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i want to know if this card can handle Guild Wars 2, *Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Starcraft II, Warlock:Master of the Arcane, Diablo III, Torchlight 2, and Far Cry 3 all on maxed out settings.(not all at the same time just you know will it be able to play one at a time at maxed settings) *For skyrim i was planning on using a bunch of mods that affect the game so will it be powerful enough to handle all the mods also?
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  1. I play far cry 3 with my 7970. I have it on highest besides SSAO and 2x AA. I get around 50-55fps average with that. So, you will be fine with all of those games.
  2. I'm on a 7950 as well from PowerColor, and I can assure you it's more than enough to max those games except possibly Far Cry 3, depending on your monitor resolution.

    As for Skyrim, the 7900 series are great for heavy mods in that game thanks to the 3gb of VRAM and high bus rate.

    If ever you need more GPU power, the 7950 overclocks like crazy, you can go past the performance of a stock 7970. Just make sure you don't get any reference cooling models.
  3. now what if i crossfire? will i definitely be able to play anything? because that's probably what i'll do in the future when i get some more cash
  4. Yeah, you will definitely be able to play any game on max with two.
  5. Yes, but IMO, a 2-way 7950 Crossfire would be a waste on a single 1920x1080 monitor @ 60Hz.
    It's either you do Eyefinity of get a 120Hz monitor to get the most of it.
  6. Yes, everything except Far Cry 3 at totally maxed settings at a solid 60fps.
  7. ^With v-sync on, yes. :P

    In Diablo 3, I tried turning it off, and I get around 140ish fps. But the screen tearing was just unbearable so I had to put it back on.
  8. ^ Indeed, I have the exact same issue in Diablo :c
  9. i only have a 20" monitor but will be looking to upgrade to a 32" LED TV. so would it still be a waste or will it do fine?
  10. On a 20" monitor, I believe the max/native resolution is 1600x900, so even a single 7950 would be way overkill.

    On a 32" LED TV, it'll should be enough to max almost any game at 1920x1080.

    Again, IMO, the only reason you really need to SLI/CF is when you have a multi-monitor setup OR you have a 120Hz refresh rate monitor.
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