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hello guys, so i recently bought a Lenovo IdeaPad Z585. the reason i bought it is because it has something called Dual graphics, which to my knowledge means it combines both the APU (7660g) with the dedicated video adapter (7670m) for excellent performance in 3D applications. my question to is dual graphics automatically enabled or do I have to enable it manually? Bare in mind the AMD Catalyst control menu doesn't have any Crossfire options and i'm up to date with the latest 13.1 Catalyst drivers.
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  1. The option/setting you are after should be under Performance>AMD Radeon Dual Graphics.
    The setting should be enabled by default unless you are using the power saving profile within windows.
  2. yes, it's automatically integrated. It's not crossfire, it's duel graphics and it's something the proper bios will utilize without you touching it.
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