Problem With Galaxy GTX660 Droping Frames

I have a Galaxy GTX 660 -
and an ASROCK mobo - I have been playing bf3 recently and now my game will drop to 14-15 FPS even if I'm playing on the minimum settings. I have been monitoring my voltage and gpu during this and it turns out that when I get the frame drops my voltage and GPU usage drop drastically. I get about 50 frames on a normal game of BF3. I don't know what to do and I really need your help! Thanks guys
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  1. what CPU do you have? Also, you should know, the gtx660 cards throttle back if they get too hot, check the temps and make sure you have a couple exhaust fans to suck the heat out. And what PSU do you have? maybe the card isnt getting enough power. I actually have a similar problem in crysis 2, its happened a couple times, its like the card goes back to idle clocks. It only seems to happen in multiplayer if my ping is too high. I just restarted the game to fix it. Hasnt happened for a while, make sure your drivers are up to date too.
  2. MY drivers are up to date and I have a 750 watt PSU and a AMD fx-8150 8-core CPU running at stock clock. I have 3 fans around my computer and my temps are at about 50 degrees when playing.
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