New Graphics Card making desktop sluggish?

I recently had to install a new Graphics Card and CPU to my desktop, since then it's been acting sluggish.

It seems to act up most when I'm downloading files, and even noticed that loading the facebook page caused some lag too. It's most noticable when I'm watching a video whilst downloading, it becomes really choppy. I've also noticed a delay with the "ping" noise when I adjust my volume bar. Before the new hardware, I never had these issues, but the new graphics card is an upgrade from the old one.

Incase it's relevant, my desktop specs are:
OS - Windows 7 32-bit
CPU - Intel Pentium 2.8GHz dual core
PSU - 480W something
GFX - 1GB Asus GeForce 210 Silent

Does this seem like an issue I can sort? I'm really not wanting to have to save up for more parts. Thanks.
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  1. What did you have before? Its really pretty hard to find a slower dedicated GPU than the 210 so it probably wasn't an upgrade... Unless you had a integrated one on the motherboard.

    You could also be having a driver conflict between the old and new card which is causing high CPU use. Look for what's hogging the CPU in task manager and uninstall any GPU software or drivers, then do a clean reinstall of the 210s driver
  2. start with the simple stuff. try installing the newest intel chipset drivers and nvidia drivers and network drivers for the network card. run ccleaner and malware bytes. try deleting windows swap file and rebooting into safe mode and running defrag or defragler then rebooting and making a new swap file and then reboot. last would check to see if there any new mb bios. your mb bios may be missing the cpu code for your new cpu.
  3. My previous GPU was the GeForce 8800 GT DDR3 512MB. I've installed the drivers for my new one from the website. I'll certainly try those other things mentioned too.
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