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Accessible network devices cannot be seen in list of computer

Last response: in Networking
March 1, 2012 3:07:20 PM

I recently change routers to a Linksys E3000 wireless router from a Uverese 2wire residential gateway and all worked well for a short time – nothing changed however when I go to view network devices from Win7,Vista or XP computers the network devices are no longer there. – when I shut down and reboot the router and switches I still cannot see these devices, however when I hook up my old 2wire router I see my devices again. Even when I reconnect to the E3000 all the devices can be viewed for a few hours. Changing routers resets something but maybe overloads the linksys E3000 after a few hours? – maybe this E3000 is just defective?? - I appreciate your expertise and help - just hate to buy a new router and have same problem.

When I view a network map in Network & Internet – all the devices appear in the map
The configuration is Linksys E3000 router with two (2) 8 port Trendnet gigabyte switches and One (1) 8 port Trendnet Poe 10/100 switch. They are chained router to 8 port gig to 8 port gig to 8 port Poe 10/100.
Prior to this I had the router to each switch separately - - this does not seem to matter – works the same either way

Devices attached - Network printer,XP desktop, Vista Desktop, NAS, WDTVlive media player, Roku, Home automation controller, IP touch screen for the automation, security DVR
(wireless devices are all ok – Win7 laptop, Vista laptop, Ipad) – seldom are more than 3 devices being used at one time – light traffic.)
March 1, 2012 7:16:27 PM

are both routers using the same IP scheme?

see if changing the Linksys to the 2wire IP scheme make a difference.
March 1, 2012 7:43:47 PM

Hi! thanks for the follow up - I am just using one router at a time. I was trying to figure out if my Linksys router was defective by swapping routers. In the process I found connecting my 2wire then reconnecting my linksys somehow allowed me to see devices when I reconnected my linksys, sort of like rebooting, however just rebooting the linksys did not give this result. - strange but true - anyway I did find a post on Linksys forum with the same problem and a fix. - I don't know why it works but it does. - I reset my MTU to Manual 1364 and now all my devices are visable. -I thought these setting were strictly for packet size using the internet. - again thanks for the help. Hope this thread helps other too
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