Is this PSU enough for GTX 650 ti?

My PC is a dell studio xps 8000 with the following specs

Intel Core i7-960
GTX 260 1792MB Single Card
350W PSU

Now heres the problem.Now I have superclocked my 260 to 700mhz without any issues.So does this mean the PSU will be enough for a gtx 650 ti?From what I gather 260 is a power guzzling card compared to 650 ti which has a requirement of 450 Watt.So is this 260 a custom made by Dell for 350Watt or has the PSU been underrated by dell?I am vey low on budget since I upgraded my whole system and cant afford a new PSU :( .Thanks in advance for your help
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  1. The 260 gtx maximum power draw is 182W.
    The 650 ti is 110W tops.
    So if you had a 260 gtx in there, a 650 ti will be fine.
  2. Some Dells have very good psu. All the current gpu and Intel cpus require less wattage.
  3. Gtx 650ti will be fine
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