Connecting Dell Laptop to Samsung LED TV via HDMI


I have been using my LED tv as an extended desktop TV for almost a year now. I watch Netflix and other movies on VLC or windows media that way as well. I brought my laptop to my grandmas to watch a movie with her and brought my HDMI cable to do so. Well, it wouldnt work. I went to my friends from my grams, also wouldnt work. Its not the cable, because my friends PC worked when connected (i plugged in my ext HD to her pc once I realized mine wasnt going to work) Now Im back home, and i assumed i would plug it back in...and it would work. NOPE. no signal. but it knows the cable is plugged in as no signal means it recognizes the cable...otherwise it says "no source connected."

ive tried im sure i screwed with 5 bagillion settings as well.

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  1. i also have similiar problem. my laptop connecting to TV via VGA cable worked last year. haven't used it for long time, and the other day i tried to connect, the TV turns black. no picture. i tried another laptop, same thing. i also changed a VGA cable, same thing. can't figure it out, please help!!
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