Pc not even detecting gpu?!?

Hello guys, I have just purchased a i7 2600k to run with my 7970 and I have bought the gigabyte motherboard z68x-ud3h-b3 motherboard. I was using my gpu fine on my old build and old motherboard but this new pc setup doesn't even pick up the gpu, I'm device manager the gpu doesn't show and I've even tried disabling the onboard graphics also. I've tried both pcie slots that are on the board and nothing. Surely both pcie's can't be bust?!?

Many thanks in advance :)
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  1. Yes they can.
    If a part worked in the old place, but doesn't work in the new place, the new place is at fault.
  2. Check the thread about the exact same problem... something there may help.

    [Solved] Graphics Card Not Detected
  3. Have you gone through all the available options in the BIOS? Maybe pci's are disabled or onboard graphics need to be disabled?
  4. It's not the psu as I have a 1000w psu and I have gone through the bios and I've even disabled the onboard but still nothing
  5. Check to see if your system detects the GPU in bios.

    I've had this issue a few times where the card simply wasn't seated properly, or I forgot to connect the PCI-E power cables, and thought it was a Windows issue until I realized I just made a simple mistake.
  6. I have just tried another gpu in the pcie slot and it seemed fine and my gpu works in another pc so I'm not sure, have reseated many times but hasn't done anything :( maybe a bios update?
  7. That may help.

    You might also want to try clearing CMOS and then trying the other slot.
  8. I am just going to send the graphics card back as I did have problems with it on my old computer, and I have updates the bios now but it has done nothing :( thanks :)
  9. *update* the card works with my old motherboard and the same psu that I'm using, could the cpu be the problem? It is working perfectly though so not too sure. Everything is pointing to the motherboard being the main issue :(
  10. If the card works fine on other systems, and the current system can run another card just fine, then the issue is likely either that your PSU isn't providing enough power or that something isn't connected properly.

    Check if your mobo has additional power connectors that need to be powered in order to run the card.
  11. Thank you :) I have checked but couldn't find a loose connection, will try again but I think it may be to motherboard
  12. *update* turns out it was the pcie rom being on the wrong rom, had to just change it to the legacy rom in the bios and all is working well :) Thanks for all the help guys! :)
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