SB PCI 128 WinXP Static and Noise

im running winXP and 98SE. my old SB PCI 128 works perfectly under 98, but pops and clicks under XP when im playing mp3s or games.

has anyone else experienced similar problems? know how to fix it? seem to have come across similar errors with sb live cards on the forum...havent seen any pci128 though.

amd xp 1800
asus a7a266 m/board
gainward geforce3 ti200
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  1. Did you try the XP update?
    I have the 5.1 Platinum on my XP system and yep under Win98 it worked 100%; what I had to do is get the Xp update off a EURO site I think it is a 8MB down load, that came out in Nov-2001, but there is a 9.28MB XP update on Creative website and it screws up my sound; I think the 8MB Xp update was the first one to come out, I'll find out where I got it from, I have it on CD right now.
    But I am very Pissed at Creative Lab. They will not support the sound cards. I paid $300 CDN for my SBL 5.1 Platinum and then very soon after they drop all there updates for it.
    Ah ok here is the link, it is 8.85MB released on 01/11/2001
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    I can't get it to link to the drive page but you can find it from here.
    Oh, well good luck.

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