Help deciding gpu

i would be gaming at 1600*900 resolution so which one would be the best among the following
zotac 560 1 gb

gigabyte 560 oc 1gb

zotac 650 ti 1gb


6850 is around 13500rs which is above my budget so plz dont such it

i will be playing games like crysis 3,battlefield 3,gta 5 etc
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  1. HD 7770 is a great graphic card and worth every penny you spend but i would not go with POWERCOLOR since their manufacturing is not good and starts giving problems as soon as the warrenty period is over.

    Go for better options like SAPPHIRE or GIGABYTE they offer better heat sinks and at a very decent price

    Also FLIPKART is a best in online shopping in INDIA
  2. choose 650ti than the others cause it's higher series, another vendor from nVIDIA cards not affecting with performance nVIDIA card, they only made variation of graphic cooler.
  3. but what about 560 oc isnt it better than 7770
    i m more orientied towards nvidia side
    would 560 oc be a better option than 650 ti?
  4. have u seen any benchmark results which prove 650 ti is better than 560 oc version?
  5. actually some of them are pretty close.
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    Go for gtx 650ti it will max games at your resolution.
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