GTX 550 Ti Problem!!!

My power supply is a "smart I T - 2045 S+" (450 Watts)
and my motherboard a "gigabyte g31m-esl2

i installed my gtx 550 ti on it

but then when i switch on my pc i cannot see anything ....the screen is just black......nothing happens............

m really frustrated............ i have checked all the cables are fine

PLease help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. Your powersupply is problem.get new psu and also you need to connect 6pin to gpu from psu.
  2. You will see a six port connector on the back edge of the gtx 550ti, make sure you have one of your 12Vdc connectors attached to this port via a 4 pin to 6 pin adapter that should have come with your gtx550ti.

    I don't believe your power supply has a dedicated PCIe connector (6 pin) so you must adapt a 4 pin PS lead to 6 pin. It looks like this ->

    This 6 pin connection is necessary because the motherboard cannot supply the requisite power via the PCIe bus.

    Upgrade your power supply as soon as a possible. You don't necessarily need more watts, you need more quality.
  3. Which Psu should I go for
    Is corsair cx 430 ok or antec vp 450 ok or cooler master
    Extreme power 450 or fsp saga II 500
  4. Seasonic, Delta, Antec, in that order, would be my choice.
  5. is corsair cx 430 not good enough to power it????
  6. if i dont want to replace my psu but my gpu what are my options
    I am thinking of installin gtx 550 ti on my other pc which already cooler master 450 watts(i know cooler master sucks!!! but what can i do
    not my fault!!!!!)

    I am thinking of buying 6670HD or 7750 HD or any decent gpu for INR 6000(tight budget not flexible)
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