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Asus GTX 670 acting like its Overheating at ~60c.

Currently idling at 49c as I type. Only firefox and winamp open.

When I play games after about 10mins or when the GPU's temp nears 60c, starting at around 54c, I begin to notice stutter of fps and audio.
Been running around the net looking for the various amounts of solutions and none have worked, I had the FPS limiter method working for some time but it went back to the stutter and audio screeching.


Intel i5 3570K
Asus Z77 Sabertooth
Nvidea GTX 670 (Asus DCU2)
32gb ram
Windows 7 Ultimate
Corsair AX850

I cant seem to figure out what could be the problem.
I've ran CPU benchs using Prime95 and HeavyLoad and at 100% CPU Temps cap at about 78-82c on Stock air.
All Drivers at up to date.
It cant be CPU related.

I'm sure this has to do with the GPU because I cant even finish a Furmark test without intense lag to the point where I need to reboot because after waiting to exit the test the PC lags for a few seconds, but it feels almost like its only video thats lagging...not 100% sure about that claim. Ran furmark about 3 times before I was sure it was the GPU and I really didnt want to do any more Burn-in tests if they became bad for the GPU.
On all runs, reaching 60c is when the freezes and lag would occur.
Running games and exceeding 60c, if I dont exit the game, Nvidea crashes with a dialog box saying Error 7 and that OpenGL had stopped working. and it resets Win 7's Aero to Classic skin then back to aero.

This is a fairly new card only got it in October, back when I got it, I was having the same problems, but I was able to remedy it by limiting frames to my 60hz monitor (60fps).

Before this post I was gaming with my Logitect G13 and Afterburner enabled( adds lcd panel info to the G13) and while playing Divinity 2, I noticed that around 60c the Power usage of the GPu spiked to 105%-400%!!! before drivers crashed, is this even normal!?

Could it be PSU related?

Further googling on my PSU (after reading things about faulty PSUs) I came acrossThis Review of the Corsair Ax850 on techpowerup It states "Since AX850 uses DC-DC converters to generate the minor rails, it can output almost all of its capacity on the single +12V rail."
Does this in anyway translate to "You dont need to plug two of the 12V connectors to you GPU" ?? because I have both slots connected as said in the manual.

Would anyone know what's going on, is my gtx670 becoming defective? stuttering crashes at only 60c is...weird. I was a laptop owner before my First Rig, and temps of 105-115c at full load were "normal" on my GTX 260M

GPU-Z + OCCT, look at the middle of the txt file...!!
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    Clean system . reinsert gpu in other x16 slot.
  2. The worst part is this problem is about 1-2 days old.
    and about 4 days ago I ordered a second 670 to get SLI going.... bad move? Card wont arrive till tuesday but...this is just unlucky.
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