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Hi guys, as you can probably tell.. i am new to this forum. As i am trying to build a decent rig for personal use, i have been researching like a boss trying to decide what spec to go for. This said, i am an absolute novice at anything technical relating to PC hardware. From reading a lot of post's on this forum i can tell that most, if not all, of you seem to have a good grasp of what your talking about. Although i am still undecided so i am posting this with hopes of getting some clarity on my current dilemma, as the title suggests.

So.. about me and what i will be using this system for. I am a hobbyist with aspirations of working within the animation industry as a modeler/animator. I am trained in lightwave but use maya, zbrush as well as dabbling with the likes of 3ds max, C4D, Vue and the likes. I will mostly be modeling, creating HD imagery and making animated shorts - nothing too extensive - so Adobe does come into the equation as well ( Ps, AE, Premiere Pro ) I also play a few games (day of defeat source and football manager primarily) but they aren't really important when it comes to my build.

Now, my budget is around the £2000 mark and i have a system that i have configured using but i am still undecided whether or not i should just go for this system or try save myself some money as my needs probably don't merit such high end parts. The system is as follows:
case - Fractal design define R4
CPU - i7 3930k hex core 3.2ghz 12mb cache. (option to overclock to 4.4ghz)
mobo - ASUS P9X79
CPU cooler - Phanteks performance CPU cooler
RAM - 32gb DDR3 1600mhz
GPU - 2gb Nvidia Quadro 4000
PSU - be quiet! straight power E9 CM 680w
SSD - intel 120gb 520 series
HDD - 2tb Seagate Barracuda
OS - Windows 8 64bit standard (maybe opt for windows 7)

The graphics card is where i am struggling to decide.. i cannot for the life of me decide whether to go for the quadro 4000.. or the firepro v7900.. even then.. do i need a pro card for my needs? or would i be better off sticking with a GTX 6XX card?

Please help..
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  1. It is better to go for pro card for your work.nvidia quadro 2000 be best for your needs.while adobe favors nvidia more so i suggest you to go with quadro 2000.
  2. Thanks ASHISH65, i'll look into that card :)

    From what i've come to understand, programs like maya and lightwave are more openCL based when it comes to viewports and rendering. which is why im confused as to whether an AMD card may be better. zbrush also uses CPU for the most part so is there really much need for a workstation card? All this CUDA stuff that Nvidia seem to have the upper hand in is very persuasive though.. decisions decisions :|
  3. It is very to decide though you can contact a technician who would expert in this work.just wait i will update if i find any information.
  4. Thanks again dude, i've read over that review a few times before and once again today. from those findings i think the v7900 or quadro 4000 are the one's to go for within my price range. Again, is it worth spending that amount for my needs.. im not sure if a gtx 660-690 will be a better option - even though these models have apparently been crippled in performance to push sales of quadro's.
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