Server for a 25 computer LAN centre

I'm doing Computer Science in high school and our first task is to do the plans for a LAN gaming center with 25 gaming desktops. I've tried asking at the LAN center near where I live but got little information.
Can anybody help? What hardware do I need and what would I need it to run?
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  1. The server hardware you need depends on the server software you will be running.
  2. Really only teamspeak, steam, origin, the games that will be installed and windows 7 professional as the OS.
    Also if it helps, the computer's are going to have an AMD FX-6100 (six core); 8gb ddr3 RAM; and 2 Radeon HD7750's crossfired.
  3. If you are running game servers, then follow the hardware requirements for those games when running a server. Am I missing something else? ;)
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