660(non-ti) vs 7870

Hey guys i need a bit of quick help and i am choosing between the 660 and the 7870, i can get both for around £160 so price isnt a problem but just wondering which will perform better in crysis 3, which basically means it can run anything. Please help,

Cheers, Jake
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  1. Hi Jake,

    As far as I can tell from reviews and benchmarks the hd 7870 is faster. Although it can depend on the prices. I mean if you are at your budget I believe the gtx 660 is slightly cheaper here in the UK. In Crysis 3 I don't think many people know yet as it is not out. Are there other games that you enjoy playing? As if you are a massive fan of something like Borderlands 2 you may want the PhysX for that. I recently bought a GTX 660 non ti as it was all I needed for my 1080p gaming and it was £15 cheaper than the hd 7870. Also what resolution do you play at?
  2. Overall hd 7870 beats gtx 660 with latest drivers.it will handle crysis 3 but can't say it can maxout because i heard that there is no single gpu which will touch 60fps on everything maxout as crysis 3 is most demanding game ever .For above 60fps you need crossfire or sli.but iam not fully sure
  3. they seem to be different price points to me, 7870's start at $210 vs 660ti are $280.
    the question should be 7950 vs 660ti. 7950 hands down.
  4. the great randini said:
    they seem to be different price points to me, 7870's start at $210 vs 660ti are $280.
    the question should be 7950 vs 660ti. 7950 hands down.

    i think you forget to read the title it is hd 7870 vs gtx 660.
  5. Well it depeds on the games you play. GTX 660 performs better in some games and the R7870 performs better in others.


    Choose the card depending on the games that you play...
  6. yeah will mostly play games like: farcry 3 blops 2, Bf3 and when its out Crysis 3 and also i play a ton on LoL but thats not a problem i run that solid 60 fps everything high on my gt 430 :p so yeah if anyone has a good video comparison i would be very grateful
  7. 7870 has excellent overlock scaling and provides more bandwidth
  8. both cards r nearly equal in performance ,660 better in a game ,7870 better in another .However u should go for the cheapest and the one that comes with better game bundles
    P.S if u r not looking forward to overclocking the card i'd recommend u 660 ;)
  9. My vote goes to HD 7870

    => Great overclock ability
    => Better price/ performance against 660
    => CRYSIS 3 huh! it would even be able to play GTA V ( not released yet)
    => Its the Best mid gaming graphic card ( courtesy TOM'S HARDWARE )

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