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AMD Radeon 6870 overheating or failing?

January 26, 2013 11:41:28 AM


This annoying problem begin in this week. First I started recieve "Display driver amdkmdap has stopped responding but it has been restarted" error messages during 3d gaming (mostly in the World of Tanks). I updated display drivers to the most new ones (Catalyst 1.13) hoping it fixed the error message appearing. Partially it did, I managed to play the games for a one day, but in yesterday the same error message started popping up during gameplay freezing the game and crashing to the desktop. Today, I checked GPU temps with GPU-Z. The result was astonishing. This is screenshot from GPU-Z sensor page after 2 mins of furmark with maximum settings. It shows GPU Temp. 2# is running at 136 of dgr. Celsius. That's too much!:

After checking the temperature, I tried to reinstall AMD Display drivers again, thought that it would help (my friend advised me to do so). For unknown reasons, AMD Catalyst Installer/Uninstaller software crashed during the uninstallation operation and wrecked both GPU and USB drivers. I had PS/2 mouse, so I managed to fix the USB driver error (by resetting registery values that were causing the error). I have USB ports working correctly now, but the GPU is running with drivers which Windows 7 installed. They are Catalyst 8.12. Working, but pretty old. When I m trying to install the new drivers (1.13), installer crashes during the installation and causes GPU going to error mode due missing drivers. The only way to fix the error is going device manager and forcing windows to update drivers. No matter running in Normal Windows boot or in safe mode, Catalyst installation crashes anyways. I have tried application named "DriverSweeper" to clean drivers in the safe mode, but always facing a crash with the Catalyst installer.

Are there anything to do? I think the cooler is faulty (there's still warranty left for a two weeks), because temps over 130 aren't sustainable. It's a reference cooler installed and GPU is running in reference clocks. I have never overclocked it.

Thank you for any advice,
Age of Computers

My comp specs are:

Processor: AMD Phenom II 1050T 2,8 Ghz
GPU: AMD (HIS) Radeon 6870 1Gb Never overclocked
MB: Asus M4A87TD/USB3
RAM 8Gb 2x Adata 2Gb and 2x Kingston 2Gb
HDD Samsung 1Tb
Windows 7 home premium 64bit (Offical license, not piratised)
Power supply: Antec Earthwatts 500W