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I want to upgrade vga, I must choose which one?
HD 6770, HD 7750, HD 7770, GTX 550 or GTX 650?
My processor Phenom II X4 955be and hexa FSP 500W 80 +, can it handle them?
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  1. Hd 7770 is best among that all.
  2. Your psu will handle it.
  3. is XFX good for gaming or multimedia ?
    i see in newegg $139 ,
    or take a different brand ?
  4. a 7770 is a 7770, xfx isnt going to make it better at "gaming or multimedia" then others. you might find variances with the coolers, and some may come overclocked, but the brand differences will mostly be with warranty. xfx is OK, i would recommend sapphire, also have had good luck with HIS, but buy whatever brand you are comfortable with.
  5. Go with saphhire hd 7770
  6. how about powercolor GHZ edition
    maybe i will not choose powercolor if performance under XFX, HIS or Sapphire ..
    I am more interested the XFX or Sapphire, where I could see both his performance comparisons?
  7. Dude they all perform same they are same gpu and have same performance.
  8. ok , thanks for help all..
    i will choose sapphire HD 7770.. :-)
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