My Graphics Card is making a high pitched noise and System won't boot

Hello everyone,

I have a fairly nice gaming rig, I bought it custom built from Vibox about a year ago. Worked perfectly ever since and was super happy with it. About 2 days ago I started to hear one of the fans making a higher pitched sound, and the system wont boot. The fans on the card still spin and stuff, but the system won't boot when it's plugged in. My question to you guys is, is the card gone or can I do something about it?

Radeon 6950 HD
8gb Corsair Vengeance RAM
1tb Samsung HDD
650W PSU
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  1. are you sure the noise is coming from the fans? which one exactly?
    thou if the system doesnt boot then it's just likely running the fans at full tilt wihtout the drivers being loaded that would have the fan profile.

    anyways it might also be the psu... (removing the card will lighten the load on the psu, and if the psu is failing it might be enough to make it boot properly)
    if you could try the card in some other pc that would be nice.. friends' perhaps?
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