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Hello everyone ! Firstly i want to apologize if i use weird English in my post :ange:

I have been having a weird connection issue for a week or so.The problem is at the first time i boot up my modem it simply cant connect.DSL Line LED keeps blinking- handshaking and training as it says in modem config page.After maybe 5 minutes or 2 hours, totally random.It picks up the connection, i can use it for hours until it randomly drops down once again.

Ive contacted my ISP and they came over two times, they state the line quality is not suitable for my connection speed and it will be solved if i drop down my connection speed.Doing that is a painful process cause there is no other speed/quota package suitable for me, so i wanted to ask you people about it before i take action.

My modem is a Dynalink RTA1320 and i tried with another modem, tried mine in a friends house.Plus i went to the place where the cable enters my house and tried over there too, it didnt work as it should pick up in about 20 seconds.

Here are stats my modem shows in the config page.

Line Mode ADSL2+ Line State Show Time
Line Power State L0 Line Up Time 00:02:28:12
Line Coding Trellis On Line Up Count 1

Statistics Downstream Upstream
Line Rate 12490 Kbps 797 Kbps
Attainable Line Rate 15524 Kbps 945 Kbps
Noise Margin 10.1 dB 15.1 dB
Line Attenuation 18.0 dB 7.7 dB
Output Power 19.5 dBm 12.4 dBm

I need ideas about what to do please... :(
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  1. Hi again, i have something different now about noise and attainable line speed.

    Line Rate 12598 Kbps 797 Kbps
    Attainable Line Rate 12972 Kbps 941 Kbps
    Noise Margin 10.3 dB 14.6 dB

    I see a 2.5Mbit speed difference and only 0.2 alteration in the noise level.Its kinda huge, but what i look at is my speed and the max speed.I may drop and cant reconnect back if i get a bit slower line speed right ?
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    What your ISP guy is telling you is that the "Line Rate" you are getting at home comes with too much noise. The noise is causing your connection to drop. If they lower your line rate (a bit) the noise will also lower. That will make your connection more stable and you wont have the disconnections. I had the same problem myself, I asked them to lower the line rate and the problem stopped. You will probably still get around 10000kbps and (which is decent) and no more disconnections.
  3. Well i guess thats the best solution to do, for two days ive been getting stable connections though :) if it starts to happen again ill have to do that myself too.

    Thanks for the answer! Have a nice day :)
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