Wireless Is Connected, But Internet Doesn\'t Work?

My router was working when I unplugged it and took it to Florida for a month and worked all the time we were in Florida. Now I came home and plugged it in at home and it connects but won't allow access to the internet. Is there some settings that I need to change for it to work?
Thanks for your time.
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  1. Try a reset on your modem. That works for me when I have to change out routers. I hope it helps. :)
  2. I have the cable hooked directly up from my modem to my laptop and the internet works. I have tried resetting and it didn't work. Are there settings that I need to change or put in? Any other suggestions? Thanks
  3. Okay.... plug the power into the router then reset it.

    Then plug the ethernet cable from the modem into the internet port on the router.

    Take another ethernet cable plug it in from the router to your computer.

    Open internet explorer or your choice of web browser.

    type into the search bar

    enter this into the authentication screen that pops up

    Username: admin

    Password: admin

    Go to the wireless tab

    Click to put information in manually.

    Input your SSID.

    Make sure SSID is broadcasting.

    Save changes.

    Then go to wireless security choose wpa2 personal.... or if you have the option wpa/wpa2 mixed mode.

    Then input your passphrase.

    Save changes.

    Let the screen come back up, then close the page.

    Unplug your computer from the router and see if you can connect to the wireless Internet.

    This should fix it :)
  4. If you didn't make any changes in your router when you went to Florida don't make any changes now! Unless you know your way around a router leave it as it is. Check the DSL and Internet leds on your router, if thay are both on you should get a connection, if not then there's your problem!
    Power cycle the router and check the leds again. If the DSL and/or internet leds dont light up call your ISP and ask for assistance.
  5. ryanht2 said:
    Try a reset on your modem. That works for me when I have to change out routers. I hope it helps. :)

    Thank you so much for all your help. I finally got my router to work---really not quite sure how I did it but I did it!! I think what I did was shut down my laptop and then did all the rebooting of the modem and router and then turned on the computer and it was hooked up to the internet!! Anyway thanks for your time.
  6. Hey I am just glad you got it working! :)

    Happy Surfing!
  7. That's the exact process of a power drain. Sometime, users do not do it correctly and it does not work..................Knowing a step is not everything, knowing it how to perform correctly is the answer............................
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