{HELP}PC wont turn on with gpu

hi guys,i have a problem,my young brother was playing AC3 when pc suddenly shut down and did not started again,when i unattached gpu,pc started and give display through mobo graphics,i noticed that when i connect gpu and turn on pc,all fans rotate very little and stops,,this is very frustrating,please help me out guys...

intel core i5 2400
gigabyte h77-ds3h
xigmatek 600w psu
sparkle gtx460 calibre
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  1. and i use stabimatic servo motor stabilizer to ensure smooth supply of power to my pc
  2. mostly psu issue.i would reccomend to check that gpu in others pc.
  3. step 1) try a different PSU
    if step 1 doesn't work your PSU is fine
    if step 1 works your PSU is dead

    step 2) try a different GPU
    if step 2 doesn't work you have a dead MB socket
    if step 2 works you have a dead GPU
  4. i dont have other setup to check gpu,any software to check psu?
  5. no software to check psu
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