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So I just got my new pc, I bought it through a store that assembled the whole thing.

My problem is that when I first turned on the PC I got no image, only a black screen.

So I searched around, and made sure all the componentes were well seated, and after that I took out the Graphics Card, and it started to work, even got to windows with no problem.

So I restarted and went to the bios and changed the graphics output(or something lik that) to iGPU, plugged in the Card, and it was working, but after some searching I found out that that way I was using the on Video board instear of my card, so I switched in the bios again to Pcie, and after that it gave me tha black screen all over again.

byw I installed the drivers that came with the Graphics CD, and still nothing. And I know that everything its getting power, even the Graphics card fans are working

Intel Core i7 3770K
Asus P8Z77-M
KINGSTON HyperX DDR3 8GB(2x4GB) 1600MHz
Western Digital Red 1 TB for NAS 64MB SATA III 3.5 WD10EFRX
Kingston HyperX SSD 3K 120GB SH103S3/120G SATA III 2.5"
Asus 24x DRW-24B5ST
Nox Coolbay TX azul
Corsair game series 600W
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  1. Your graphics card is DOA. Go to the store or call them up and ask for a replacement
  2. To the blue VGA port on the upper part of the back of the case.

    It isn't connected to the Graphics Card because I have no idea what cable it uses, is that what is wrong?

    And also the monitor only has a VGA input
  3. You must plug the Monitor into the Card, not the MB backplate.

    And that is the reason you are getting Good iGPU and NO dGPU to monitor.

    Need either a DVI-> VGA cable (or adaptor) or a HDMI - Vga cable (or adaptor)

    IE (DVI-> VGA)
    To expensive cheaper models avail:

    Or, HDMI -> VGA:
  4. your card got dvi connector and you coneec to motherboard using vga see this for the cable end you gone need and yes it have to be connect to the graphic card if you want to know if she's working,bios settings are ok pci-e first .
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