Best Graphics Cards for A8-5500

Hello I just want to ask what are the best graphics card that is good to be paired with A8-5500.
I'm not really familiar with Graphics card types because right now for me they all look the same but in a separate value. So I'm confused which ones to get.

I know it has the Raedon 7560D chip, but I would like to upgrade it to a better one.

Budget is around $150-$250.
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  1. A 7850 or 660 gtx.
    Make sure you have a decent psu within the range of 400w-450w.
  2. If you go to these gpus you lost the gpu in your apu. You can add a 6670 and pair it up withe the gpu in your apu for duo gpu. A 6670 is about $50 -70.
  3. When you go to a 7850 or 660 the weak cpu in your apu is going to bottleneck the gpu.
  4. Oh there's a way to duo the GPU's? I would rather do that. Is there any specific instructions to do it or just do the normal installations?
  5. There are videos on youtube. Basically you install the 6670 to your mobo and go into Amd and change settings. Fairly easy.
  6. Unless you buy the equivalent to the GPU in your APU... no.
  7. If it's to crossfire with the apu, only the 6670.
    But either a 7850 or 660 gtx will give a better experience, for 1080p the 6670 crossfired is still to weak.
    That cpu doesn't bottleneck such cards.
  8. Make sure the manufacturer didn't disable the ability to crossfire. According to the HP website they state "Either integrated graphics or the PCI Express x16 slot are usable at one time; they are not usable concurrently"

    I have that issue with the a8-5500.

    You dont state your powers supply's wattage so I will assume its the a8-5500's standard 300w. This limits you to the 7750 without upgrading your power supply. The 7750 is a good card and will keep you under budget as well as give you a good frame rate in most games.

    The downside is you MUST upgrade your power supply if you want to get a better performing card at a later date.
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