Problems after installing new graphics card

Hello to all of the community! I just bought a new graphics card and came across many problems, therefore I came seeking help in this forum.

***My system specifications are in the end***

I was using Ati Radeon HD 4650, 512MB and wanted to buy a new and cheap video card, a little better than this one. I thought that Asus gt 610 was a good choice, since I couldn't afford much money at this time (I bought it for around 40 euros). The installation progress that I followed was this:

At first, I uninstalled the drivers of my former video card... Reboot

Next, I removed the old card and inserted the new one.

Turned on my pc and installed the new drivers... Reboot again

After that I updated my driver to the latest version, I rebooted for the last time and here's where the problems begun... :(

The first problem is that my screen is slightly more blurry. I mean everything onscreen, which is irritating. I checked my resolution and it's the one I was using before (1680x1050) and also my refresh rate (60Hz). Also, on my google chrome UI, the buttons of minimize, restore, and close are red!?

Next, are the games. I used to play skyrim with the ATI on low-mid settings and it was running smoothly. With this one, trying to play even on low settings becomes really painful :??:

But a thing that I saw that made me wonder, was this one: I have a blu-ray movie (FFVII Advent children) that used to lag at some parts with my old card, but with my new one, every last part of the movie runs amazingly smooth!

I will be grateful for your help, and please someone explain to me why the movie runs great and skyrim doesn't

My computer consists of:

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-EP31-DS3L
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
Ram: 2gb ddr2
Graphics card: ASUS GT610 1GB (present) --- ATI RADEON HD4650 512MB (former)

I'm running Windows Xp service pack 3, 32 bit

Thanks for reading! Any kind of answer is welcome! :D :D
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  1. To start, i would download driversweeper, uninstall the current driver, reboot into safe mode, run driversweeper for both amd and nvidia, reboot in normal mode then update to current driver.
  2. make sure you installed the newest intel chipset drivers. sometime there can be bus issues with newer video cards. may also want to try make sure directx is updated too.
  3. well first off the GT610 is just a re-badged GT520 see here
    and according to Toms graphics card hierarchy the radeon 4650 is better than the GT520/GT610 so it's not actually better I'm sorry to say. So no wonder you are getting worse performance.
  4. The GT610 sucks for gaming!!!
    Don't let the numbers fool you!!! I have one of these a 2GB version and my old gts250 with 512MB would kick the crap out of it!!!!
    Get your money back and save for a decent card like a 7770...
    Just look at the specs before you buy...memory isn't everything...bus width (32mb bad 256mb good) is important as is type of memory...DDR2 ok, DDR3 better, DDR5 best!
    You van find some good deals out there for a decent card that won't break the bank!
    hope this helps...JQ
  5. Damn, I'm a fool! Everyone, thank you! :) Maybe I'll start collecting money to buy a better one, and search thoroughly for it.

    Thanks again for your replies, they were really helpful! :)
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