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I recently bought a pair of ATI Readon 5870m's for my Alienware M17x R2. After installing it, I noticed a huge issue playing Far Cry 3. I assumed it was an issue with Far Cry 3 and CrossFire. Major "flickering" or "shuttering", the whole screen not just shadows. Disabling CrossFire fixed the issue. After I finished the game I re-enabled it, went to play Planetside 2, same thing.

Downloaded and ran Catzilla (new benchmark software).

When Crossfire is DISABLED, I get better score then when it is ENABLED. The flickering occurs during the benchmark test as well. I managed to capture it on my phone.

Also there is a "fluid test", and it looks better with CrossFire DISABLED, then with it enabled. I have these video files uploaded to Google drive:

I am an IT guy, but my knowledge of CrossFire and SLI are limited.

Any Help would be appreciated.
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  1. i'm afraid it no one mighty be able do anything.
    cfx or sli are just not worth it in games.
    it has issues like micro stuttering, cou bottlenecking, driver problems etc.
    a lot of people have given up on sli and cfx.
    and does your motherboard have 2 16x slots? that might be an issue. what is your cpu?
    but again cfx is just not worth it
  2. This is the readout on the motherboard specs:
    PCIe x16 bus supporting x16 PCIe MXM 3.0 graphics cards

    CPU is older, i7 720QM

    I was running 4870's in CFX just fine, no issues. Bought the 5870's just to stretch the laptop a couple more years.
  3. u can put a graphics card in a laptop???
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