im awaiting my second vtx3d 7870 black to arrive on monday morning but ive read conflicting stories about my cpu. what i would really like to know is will my amd a10 5800k bottleneck crossfire black 7870 le's?? and if so by how much would the fps be lower than a single card and would i be better of trading both cards in for a higher spec card?? or would i be better with one of the amd fx cpus which are fm1 i think and if so do they they fit in the fm2 mobos??
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  1. yes it will bottleneck it alot 2 7870 is more powerful than a 7970 ghz eddtion with that setup you need an i5 or an fx 8350 that it is am3+
  2. ok see needa get shot of my 3 day old cpu and mobo lol. how much would it bottleneck??? would it be to the point where you would see no noticable improvements on gfx quality or are we talking fuure games??? would a phenom x4 955 be be a better choice as i have one with a compatible mobo spare
  3. it will bottleneck a single 7870, let alone 2 x 7870's its close to the performance of an i3. a phenom will not be a better choice. An intel I5 would be a better choice. If you must stay with amd then the 8350 is as good as it gets, but still wont match an i5 3570k for gaming and either way you would have o get a new motherboard. Just stick with a single card, there's nothing wrong with the performance of a single 7870 anyway, should play all games on high detail 1080p with good fps, only your cpu will be letting you down in cpu intensive games like skyrim or crysis 2. Since you already have the cpu, look into overclocking it. Although i cant understand why you went with an FM2 cpu if your running dedicated video card.....
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