Want Surround, Have 580 SLI

Greetings, [full specs below]

TL;DR: I have 2x 580s in SLI. I'm buying 3x BenQ XL2420T monitors for 5760x1080 surround. Do I need to double my investment on some 6xx series greatness?

I currently am running a pair of 580s in SLI on a 1920x1200 monitor. I can max absolutely everything I've tried at that resolution, and it's great. I've had for 5 years (a college purchase), and I'm ready for an upgrade. I would like to go to a surround platform (nVidia's 3D option preferred) on 3 - 1920x1080 monitors (5760x1080 combined resolution).

What's the general consensus on my twins? I've combed through chart after article after forum. To me, it seems like to get 3D surround from my 580s, I'm going to have to drop settings to low/medium in anything modern. If I'm going to invest $1200 on 3 new monitors, do I need to make another (almost equal) investment in a 680 2-way SLI or 690? There are not a great many things I would run in full 3D surround, but I'd like it as an option. Mainly I intend to use 2D surround.

I realize "need" is a silly thing to say when we're discussing this level of enthusiast performance, but I'm hoping some of you have experience in the area. Thank you.

Specs (I was an early adopter of Sandy Bridge, so I will not be upgrading to Sandy Bridge-E):

i5-2500K (@ 4.2)
16GB @ 2133
OCZ Vertex 4
580 2-way SLI

Live long and prosper.
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  1. Do you want a 3d 3 monitor setup?

    1. Buy the monitors and see how it goes as you seem keen on it and if it doesn't live up to what you expect then you'll have to upgrade wont you.
    2. See 1.
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