EVGA superclock 1gb 560 ti SLI issues

Hi there,

I've been running into issues ever since I got my second GPU card two months ago. I have been looking on the forums for issues that match mine but have not found anything that directly relates to my issue.

My issue is that my graphics driver crashes (kernel-power error code 41) after about 2-3 minutes of 3D games (I play dota 2 to test) and then after it crashes, and i reload the game, it doesn't crash anymore and its completely fine. Here are my CPU specs:

Windows 7 Professional (Legit version, i know that was an issue before that I read)

ThermalTake Overseer (Case)
1000w Rosewell PSU
Sandy Bridge I5 2500k (w/ Corsair H60 hydro cooler)
ASROCK P67 Extreme4
119GB M4-CT128M4SSD2 ATA Device (SSD)
298GB Seagate ST3320620AS ATA Device (SATA)
C932GB Seagate ST310005 24AS SCSI Disk Device (SATA)
Two monitors: 1680 x 1024 + 1920 x 1080 plugged into one port of every GPU

Now I know that it isn't caused by direct heat issue (because of the consistency of when the error occurs but I do know that when SLI is enabled, One of my graphics cards gets very hot (~85C) but this is only after the first initial crash. Like I said before, the crash happens once and the Nvidia Display Driver recovers completely.

Things that may be a problem:

1. My sound blaster card is wedged in between the two graphics cards because of space issues. (My cards block the PCI ports needed to install the card and I also do not like the default

Things I have done:

1. Reformatted computer to fresh legit version of Windows 7 Pro
2. Switched graphic card PCI-E ports in addition to flipping the SLI bridge
3. Opened up my case to allow more cold air in (my room is fairly cold)
4. Updated to the latest Nvidia graphics driver

Things I am considering to do:

1. My case has a optional side 200mm fan right on top of my graphics cards and I want to see if that will reduce the GPU temps
2. I have arctic silver compound that I want to try to put on my GPU's to reduce temps as well.

I think that I can get my SLI to work perfectly eventually but maybe I am taking the wrong steps to do so? SLI seems very particular in when it wants to work. I have absolutely no problems in single card mode.

Any feedback or suggestions would be a great help. Thank you very much

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  1. Things I would suggest, remove the addon sound card, run with the onboard audio and test it. Also, bit of a long shot, run both monitors at the same resolution and retest.
  2. Okay So I did some more testing on my setup, I have a lot of reason to believe that the second card I bought for SLI is faulty. I tested my setup with just the new card in and it gave me the same problems as before. (just that one card in, no SLI).

    Then I put my original card back in (the setup I had before I got my new card) and it has been working perfectly since, absolutely no problems. I also noticed that the temperature in the new card is significantly higher than my old card (doesnt make sense right? its a newer unused card). I am getting the card RMA'd through EVGA.
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