Graphics Card vs CPU and RAM?

Hey guys, I just have a quick questions. I recently bought a new computer (I was on a budget), and I was wondering what you guys think. I bought:


Video Card:




Ok, now my question is, how balanced/unbalanced is my computer? I wanna use this for games and web surfing. I have 16gb of RAM (I bought one and mobo came with another). I know 16gb is a bit overkill, but I don't mind. :D The highest game i'll be playing is ARMA II/DayZ. Im thinking that the video card should be upgraded so it will be more balanced. What you guys think? Thanks for your opinions and help!

P.S. I have Windows 7 x64 Home Premium :sol:
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  1. you can get a upgrade if you want. a good one that should get you high settings is the 7770 for 100 bucks.

    fx was bad but still performs well. adding a better video card just makes it better
  2. It's an ok build. If you wouldn't have wasted $40 on ram, you could have gotten a 7770.
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