Blue screen when i changed my graphics card to r5670

I come from exchange my old graphic card ATI 3650 in NCV-E for a msi r5670 PMD1G in NCV-E 2.1,
The problem is that as soon as the PC starts is poster the office a window black or it marked win32 there… opens and that displays me a blue screen the PC thus starts again I do not even have time to install the pilots starting from Cd, I start again in mode without failure, the it goes, Windows installs a pilot VGA by default but I cannot install starting from Cd.
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  1. Boot in safe mode, uninstall old drivers, reboot, install drivers for new card.
  2. thank you for your answer,
    I removed the old drivers before putting it, in safe mode , when I test to install the drivers I have an error “impossible to charge the drivers”
  3. : this is a picture for blue screen what i have .
  4. Try downloading the latest Catalyst driver directly from AMD. What came on that CD with the card might not be correct.

  5. so , I tried with the website you gave me , but i have the same problem , this is caused by safe mode , beacause when i try with my old graphics card in safe mode i have the same problem , and problem is that i can't do anything in normal mode .
    thank you for your response .
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