strange problem. just turned on my pc and in msi afterburner my gpu is showing 100% gpu usage at idle on desktop and web browsing. temp sitting steady at 93 with strange artifacts cross taskbar etc. however when i try to capture desktop the artifacts dont show. anyone have any ideas what could be causing this???
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  1. here is a pic of the artifacts but they appear all over the screen.
  2. Pull up task manager and see if there is any process excessively using the CPU as well
  3. nope cpu is sitting at 3% with not a lot running at all
  4. did you do some overclock ?
  5. no gpu sitting standard no oc at all
  6. stop system remove gpu and reseat her back also check the video cable to monitor ,there could a electrical cable near it so if is not well shielded it take static electricity .
  7. already tried remeving and reseating card twice and retsarted pc about 20 times i would go as far as saying thats made problems worse
  8. What version of catalyst are you running? Did you happen to update to 13.1 / 13.2?
  9. every time you reseat the card problem get worst i would test that card on another system and do the same for the monitor and if they both work without artefact then there is something with the motherboard pci-e slot. does this board have another pci-e slot for test ?
  10. tried it in another pci-e slot and same problems also tried an old 6870 i have and that works fine. in fact i would say its getting worse.
  11. catalyst would be the very latest one as the card was only bought on friday also would this explain why at certain points in games fps drop to 1-2fps for couple of seconds then jump back up to 55-60 fps
  12. the old card work and you got good picture then it is time to rma that new card 93 c is to high for temp adding one thing does the fan spin on the graphic card check if it is connected to the card pcb .
  13. how long does an rma take christ the card is only 2 days old and buggered already. no wonder people stick to there xboxes lol this pc gaming is more hassle than its worth
  14. Before RMAing, try downloading catalyst 12.10 and thoroughly remove all traces of whatever driver you are on now.
  15. will try that just now but why would that work if it was working perfect for couple of days before hand?? strange thing is msi afterburner has gpu usange at 92-99% while gpuz has it at 1% both have a temp of 77c
  16. could be the fan when out and temp are still high on idle for rma time take around a week or two for the trip around on replacement .
  17. would expect it to be longer than that does it not go back to taiwan?? read some horror stories about rma taking as long as 3 months with vtx
  18. where do you live ?
  19. in the uk
  20. do you think some sort of virus may be causing this??? reason i ask is i get a windows script host error each time i boot up the pc
  21. turns out it was a virus relating to a windows script host once i finally installed avg and removed the file everything back to normal. everything back to normal now
  22. then if you found one i would do a full test without network connected on all the files i use avast free and with you could do a virus scan at start up before windows load,also use malwarebytes free for spyware and glary utilities free for cookies and temp files and some registery cleaning .
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