Replaced GPU and PC won't power on.

I got a second hand GPU from a friend, so I took my old GPU out of my PC ready to put the new one in. But I realised I don't have a cable to connect it to the power supply as my old GPU didn't require one. So I put my old GPU back in, not touching anything else at all. Then I came to turn my PC on, after making sure everything was as it was before, and absolutely nothing happens whatsoever. No fans turn on and nor do any LEDs, I think this must be a problem with the power suply, however I posted this in the G&D forum because the only thing I did was remove and replace my GPU.

Thanks for any advice.
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  1. Make sure the toggle switch on the back of your PSU is in the on position. Also, double check that your PSU to motherboard connections (both the 24-pin and the 4/8-pin connectors are firmly attached).

    You can also look through this troubleshooting guide if the above don't help:
  2. Double check that you didn't accidentally unplug your 20/4 or 4/8 pin connector to your motherboard.
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  4. Were you grounded when switching cards? Any static shock will kill a video card so be careful.
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