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Should I risk and under powered psu

I recently got a new graphics card, it requires 300w my power supply is 250(ikr) and im getting a new 650w power supply in about 5 days so i was wondering if i should just put an extra fan in my computer and risk it for about 4 days (i dont care if the power supply i have now is ruined as long as the rest of my computer is not)
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  1. its also kind of important tht i have the graphics card in my computer shortly other wise i would not risk it
  2. What card did you get, and what brand and model is your existing PSU?
  3. so the graphics card i got is a EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 2GB GDDR3 64bit DVI/HDMI/VGA PCI-E and im not sure about my psu it is the one that came with my computer
  4. i do have a spare psu from an older computer if i need it
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    The GT610 uses an insignificant amount of power; you'll be fine, assuming you don't want this for games (the card is too weak for games, unless they'll run on Intel's HD4000 integrated graphics, although it may be even weaker than that).
  6. alright thank you
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  8. If $50 was your budget for a graphics card, this HD6570 is a much stronger choice, and should also run on your PSU:
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