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Does this screenshot look weird? evga precision x

its not overclocked but the speeds are passed the boost clock i thought the orange line means whats its liked when overclocked its stock and its past that

i have gtx 660 ti superclocked from evga
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  1. Hey,

    I don't see any screenshot posted. However note that the boost clock is like a target. If the card still has temperature and TDP headroom it may boost to a higher clock, if thats what you mean. The clock speeds of the gtx600's are dynamic, the card will automatically overclock a certain amount (it will "boost") if it see's that it has headroom. If a game is not very graphically intense then it may downclock to save power.

    Hope this helps!
  2. I agree with Fil1p. Naturally that is how boost works sandy and ivy bridge cpu's work in a similar fashion.
  3. hey look at the pic its reuploaded. Its kind of weird im playing homefront with max settings and its really pushing my card and wasting energy. its actually past the boost clock and still not even overclocked wtf
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    Ok now that you posted the screenshot I'm just gonna add that you set a FPS target, so the card will try to maintain those FPS rates in games, so it will clock itself accordingly (if you uncheck the FPS target it might downclock a bit as it is not going to try to maintain those FPS rates, instead it will decide whats appropriate). Note that it is just a target, and that it might not reach it depending on which game you play. And as I said earlier don't worry, that behavior is perfectly normal. Those clock speeds are pretty good.
  5. Have you changed anything within precision for example increased your boost clock.
  6. bigshootr8 said:
    Have you changed anything within precision for example increased your boost clock.

    i did overclock it to see how metro would run i get a minimal of 35 fps on the highest settings when theres a ton of smoke it gets pretty low. but then i went back to default becuase i dont like overclocking on my card im not an expert at this i was wondering why the clock speed is higher than the boost if its supposed to save energy why is it higher when i dont need it for homefront. I do have it on fps target becuase it will coil whine in farcry 2 menu and annoy me
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  8. That is natural in Metro 2033 frames can dip that low but it never feels like at least on my system like lag will take over. I have Gigabyte Windforce3 GTX670
  9. Your card saves energy by throttling back when you don't need the power from your video card. So when you are doing something simple it will throttle back but when you get into a intense game like Metro it will go up.
  10. The gtx600's cards are rather energy effiecient, but if you want to save some more power I would just uncheck the FPS target. That way you let the card clock itself according to its needs (rather than the fps target), and the games intensity.
  11. Exactly its like this pretend its like your heater when you need the heat you turn on the heater but when you don't you turn it off saving yourself power :)
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