I love the new Catalyst 13.1 beta drivers.. but...

Whenever I play games on 13.1 that don't keep a constant low to high stress on the card, the clocks go down to the desktop idle clocks of 300mhz on the core and 150mhz on the memory

Anyone know of a fix for this? I really don't want to have to go back to 12.11....
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  1. Is it affecting your performance at all? I'm thinking its most likely just like a misread.
  2. It is, the game is question is garry's mod, I always run an OSD through RadeonPro to monitor my temps, clocks, etc... And the first time I played on this driver I noticed a sudden dip to 15 fps, and I checked my clocks and they were down to idle. I kept watching it while playing and the utilization at idle clocks would jump to 80%, then clock back up to normal @ ~ 20% with no lag
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