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A few year back I brought a Toshiba Satellite A505-S6005 Recently when I began playing games (DDO), the display driver always ends up not responding, causing the screen to go black before recovering. This happens from 4 hours into the game to 30 mins, and once it begins it happens very often. Is there anything I can do to find out what is wrong? I did download the latest graphics driver from toshiba (not that it is very recent). Thanks for your help
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  1. Does your laptop get hot around the time that this occurs you describe your laptop being used for a long time that is why I bring up heat.
  2. The thing is my house is normally 65 F, and so I can't really tell the difference. Only very slightly warm most of the time.
  3. I would consider perhaps looking into a laptop cooler to place underneath your laptop. Your house temp is fine however I would think with what you are experiencing that something is heating up. that or perhaps you have a windows power setting.
  4. i would download the newer driver from intel for there ipgpu. also check in the bios to see if you can set the onboard gpu video ram to a larger size. if not in the games settings your going to have to turn down the eye candy.
  5. Windows power setting? ipgpu? check the bios? I'm afraid I'm slightly loss. Could you perhaps provide me with instructions or links on how to do the above? BTW, could using an larger external monitor than the laptop's original have something to do with it? I wouldn't think so as I've heard of people linking their laptops to large tvs... And I am already using the lowest setting, and this problem also occur when I'm simply browsing the web in Chrome, though games do seem to make it worse.
  6. Well with the windows power settings you could go through this channel.

    Start (or windows logo) > control panel > system and security > power options

    From here you can check things like when your display will turn off or when your computer sleeps.

    I'm not sure how you would go into your bios to do anything to impact what you are doing.

    You could use MSI afterburner to monitor your GPU temperatures. The program is fairly self explainatory.
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