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I am getting ready to upgrade video cards from a gtx 550 ti. While i planned on a 660 TI FTW edition, other things have made me change my budget. in short, disregarding power requirements, what video card would be the best choice for 200 or less? I have found 2 that seem good but i'm not sure which is the best or if there is an even better choice.
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  1. What kinds of stuff do you do? If you want the absolute best for <$200, then I would probably suggest the Radeon 7850
  2. moderate gaming, virtual box, streaming and recording.

    current specs are:
    fx 6120
    10 gb 1333 mhz ddr3
    550 ti
    cooler master 700 watt psu
  3. also as this just occurred to me, but if possible i would like a card that blows the air out of the back of the case as mine is just an OEM hp case with not a lot of room for air to be dispersed.
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    For your purposes, a 7850 would definitely be all you will need. You can check each manufacturer to see how their cooling system works.
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