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Can I run two different gpu's?

I know this is an odd question, but I just upgraded from my xfx 7750 to a Gigabyte 7850 and was wodnering if I could/or would see any benefit in just putting it into my unused pci-e slot? I'm not really experienced with sli or xfire, I know its a noob question. I don't want to upgrade to another 7850 yet, maybe in 6 months or so. My current specs

FX-8350 oc'd 4.6ghz hyper evo 212
Gigabyte 970A mobo
Gigabyte 7850 2GB DDR5 oc'd to 1000mhz
8GB HyperX Blue 1600mhz
ThermalTake TR2 600w
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  1. I am not as familiar with AMD/ATI cards as I am with NVIDIA but I think that with AMD you will need to use to of the same model in crossfire to see any benefit. With my GTX 680 I use a GT 640 for PHYSX, but I don't know if an equivalent is available for the AMD video cards.
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    You cannot run crossfire with dissimilar cards and sli is for nvidia cards only and same thing applies

    If you do want another 7850 sell your 7770 before next gen comes (while it still has more value) and then buy a 7850 when their prices drop due to new gen
  3. Ok, thanks guys
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  5. Actually, you can Crossfire cards of the same series lines.

    7850 +7870

    In your case though, you have a 7700 and a 7800 series, so it's not possible anyway.
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