1440p and skyrim/bf3/crysis 3... 7950 3gb vs 670 4gb

So i just got my pixel perfect achieva shimian qh270, and needless to say, my msi tf3 570 3gb just cant quite handle most these games.

Most notable im getting CTDs with skyrim @1440 running a full maxed out TPC(texture pack installer) and some STEP mods and afterburner is reporting 3072mb vram useage for a while before the ctd.

BF3 is reporting about 2400mb to 2800mb maxed out on a 64 player grid but mid 20's to 40's fps with no CTDs. Even forum uses report seeing a maxed out vram usage on the 2gb video card models but no crashing or game debilitating hicups.

What should i do? Some are telling me that a 7950 3gb is more than enough for BF3 but many on nexus are saying there is no question that the 4gb 670/6gb sapphire/his 7970 is the only way to go. Im torn.

12.11/13.1 looks so good but will that alleviat my problem?

Should i wait for the next gen or just go ahead and get a current gen?

To be honest, i really only trust the msi twin frozr or gigabyte windforce editions of each respectable card?

reports im seeing are saying crysis 3 is topping 2+gb at 1080p maxed out sooo, factor that in if you can.
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  1. btw, 2600k @ 4.8 2xIntel 330 180gb in raid, 8gb of 2133 cas 9 1.5v ram
  2. id say that with that setup you should be getting higher fps. Maybe do a reinstall of your os and install only the updated drivers for your MOBO and GFX card.

    i get 60fps constant in Crysis 2 Ultra settings 1920x1080. and also all games

    i3570k 4.2Ghz 7870 8gb ram
  3. and also i think you should just wait for the next series and benchmark results your card is still a great card for current games
  4. GTX670 4GB is alot Better than 7950 3GB.
    If you can Get it. With 4GB VRAM its a Very Awesome card.

    If you can wait, then wait for the Next-Gen Cards.

    In 1440p you need alot of VRAM, you'll easily Cross 2GB in Most Demanding Games.

    And Skyrim + Texture Packs is Ultimate VRAM Killer :ouch:

    The Benchmark is of 1600p, So just add a few fps and you'll get the Same.
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