Looking for a fairly specific screensaver

Hello all, I am looking for a screensaver that is capable of checking POP3 email accounts. i.e. the saver will display an AVI/Image normally and in the background it checks pre specified POP3 email accounts, if it finds new email on these accounts it then changes the AVI/Image into another one.

Basically its like these things you see in all the films where they walk into the room and see a spinning globe on their monitor and they know immediatly they have email

Thanks in advance
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  1. Sorry havn't heard of such a thing. But it sounds interesting.
  2. A quick search on Tucows for "screensaver pop3" came up with: http://www.eprompter.com/. This looks like it might do what you want.
  3. I came across that one aswell, but it doesnt allow you to use custom images / avi's :(

    Am I maybe being a little to picky here?
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