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My HTPC rig is this :

2.40GHz Pentium 4 S478 Single Core CPU
HIS ICoolerII HD3650 AGP 512MB
Seagate 250GB HDD IDE

I was wondering, I have XP right now. If I got Windows 7 will it be extremely laggy on my computer? Secondly, how do I uninstall the RC Windows 7? And how is HDCP, DXVA on Win 7?

I want to try it but I'm afraid I won't be able to install it.

Also since I use CCC 8.4 drivers for my card, (other one's are DXVA crippled) do I install the Vista version on Win 7?
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  1. Anyone have any suggestions? I actually just want to know, do I use Vista drivers in Windows 7?
  2. Yes, you could/should use Vista driver on 7
  3. Unless there are dedicated Windows 7 drivers.
  4. Thanks for the reply, so the bad thing was my old HTPC rig wasn't up for booting to a DVD. So I tried various methods (Flash Drive, Diff. Programs, Lower ISO Burning Speed) with all the same results. I decided to just pop the disk in Windows XP and install. It went good, I installed it on my secondary HDD and now its running dual boot. Hopefully it remains this way! Thanks for the help!

    PS. Windows 7 looks amazing! :lol:
  5. good for you.
  6. HTPC on a release candidate os T_T i have hard enough time getting my tv tuner card to work the first time drivers are picky.
  7. Just use a Xp, seriously.

    That's what I do ;)
  8. If you're going to all the effort of learning a new OS - which is a pain as they move all the buttons about. You may want to try Ubuntu. It's free. Not too sure if it has your drivers. but it just might.
  9. No, this guy doesn't have a working driver for his TV tuner, so unless you are prepared to either hack it or recode his own...

    And fyi, I'm a Ubuntu, Fedora, Vista, XP, OS X and Windows 7 user.

    I like having more OSes than computers.
  10. Yeah, I have dual boot XP/Win 7 if sometihng doesn't work in 7 i use XP easy enough.
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