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I'm looking for a company to provide our employees with the capability for them to backup their Laptops on their on to the Cloud via a schedule that they set in place. I would also need an administration center to view and manage these backups incase an employee is terminated or we need quick recovery of the files without the employees cooperation. They will not be backing up more than 250gb / user.

Does anyone know of or can recommend a good company who has a good solution to this?
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    We can help you with that. Each user would get their own username, password and encryption key and we can provide you with a centralized management system and reporting. You would retain a database of all keys to be used in the case of termination. Each user would have their own interface to create their backup selection list or drive image and set their backup schedule.
  2. OBM may have a delta bit version if you've got mobile people on low bandwidth connections
  3. backup services work on low bandwidth too or not?
  4. after the first backup, delta bit does work at low bandwidth, as it only sends blocks of data that have changed within files, not the whole file.
  5. Whatever you do, do not use carbonite business in the enterprise. From an administration standpoint it is a mess. With several hundred mobile users, the web administration interface loads exceptionally slow, and users end up just turning it off. Theres no way to image it out and the users have, for the most part, complete control of there accounts. Carbonite also thinks that the user should setup the files to be backed up and scheduled (no admin). Which means your not saving docs/fav/ or even /user but your going to be saving the entire root of c:. Boom there goes 3tb on your account and a giant bill in the mail.

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