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FS Reel To Reel parts

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July 6, 2004 12:52:07 AM

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We are parting out the following reel to reels:

Akai 4000DS MkII, ST1
Ampex 600, 1100, 1200, ATR700
Dokoder 1140, 7100
Fostex 20, 80, B16
Otari MX5050 2tr, 4tr, 8 tr
Pioneer RT707
Revox A77
Scully 280. 280B
Sony TC580, TC630, TC854-4
Tascam 25-2, 32, 38, 40-4
Teac 25-2, 32-28, 80-8, 1200. 1500, A2300S, A2340SX, 3300, 3340, 3440, A4010S,
A4070, 5500, Series 700
Technics RS1500, 1506, 1520

reel tables, motors, switches, pots, wooden sides, meters, feet, knobs,
buttons, reel hubs, facelpates, head covers, heads, tape guides, rollers,
pcb's, power supplies

email with your requests

M/W/F 11-6
718 6th Ave S.
Nashville TN 37203

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July 7, 2004 11:04:06 PM

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I need one of the long black knobs that fits the transport operation.

The knob is black with silver face. commonly used on many Akai machines.
Richard H. Kuschel
"I canna change the law of physics."-----Scotty