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7950 weird sound

Hi my 7950 is making weird sounds when it reaches 50% area fan speed but when it's 30 or below or 70 or above it stops and at first I thought the fan was hitting something but I checked it wasn't and I saw another post like this the guy solved his problem by reducing his voltage but my msi afterburner won't lower it its stuck at 1.25 volts I changed the settings to 1. 2 volts but to no avail as msi still says 1.25 volts, I really don't want to rma this since I have no replacement I sold both my older gpus and I have seen people fix this the sound kinda sounds electrical but also sounds like the fans are hitting something.

My system specs are
7950 gigabyte wf3 1150/1500 (load temps 67 degrees vrm 75)
I5 3570k 4.4 ghz h60 cooler 80 degrees load temp
Asusz77 vlk
Antec 1200v2 or v3 idk
Corsair gt series ssd 60gb
2x500gb Seagate hdd
Genuine windows 7 professional
Ati update 13.1
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    This is a (relatively) common problem. Setting up a custom fan curve will solve your problem!

    This is a different GPU, but the fan curve bit is what you need:

    "Also pay attention for any annoying tone shifts. For example, if at 55% and 65% the fan sounds fine, but at 60% the fan makes a aggravating high-pitched squeal, then it might be best to completely skip that RPM when designing the fan curve. Here's an example:

    You see how it completely skips 60% and goes straight from 55% to 65%? There is one draw back to this though, and that is the temperature might get stuck at 55C oscillating between the two fan points. So you would hear the fans constantly shifting from 55% to 65%. You will need to decide if this fan throttling noise is better than the pitch change. If you're lucky, you'll be able to optimize this a bit and set the fan to jump from 58% to 62% and bypass the problem RPM's without having a noticeable fan throttling sound. You'll have to test that for yourself."
  2. Thanks you so much for your reply i will try it out and if it works i will be truly grateful thanks!
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