I3 with GTX 670?

Hello, I've had a lot of people confirm that I can use a 670 with an i3-2105 without muc of a bottleneck and I'd still be able to pla games on high/ultra. My question is, will i still get the same kind of benchmark framerates that Isee on this site and others with my i3 sandy bridge? And will I be able to play games on high/ultra for a while? Sorry I'm noob when it come to this stuff, my 6850 died and I'm looking into purchasing a gigabyte 670 for my Game-only computer. Also, I have a pci-e 2.0 slot Motherboard and its a pci-e 3.0 card, will it still work with good performance?
My specs:
Intel Sandy Bridge Core i3-2105
8 GB G-skill Ripjaws
Windows 8 64 bit
850W PSU
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  1. Yes it will support your games also the card is pcie 2.0. Also pcie x16 2.0 slots can handle pcie x 16 3.9 cards easily.
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