BF3 FPS Lag !

I have a poor 25 FPS when playing BF3 Multiplayer .
All settings were set to lowest. Playing in 800x600

GT630M 1GB
i5-Core Processor
4GB Ram.

I already have overclocked my graphics and used gamebooster.
Still around 25 FPS.

I asked a guy on YouTube regarding BF3 with the same PC Specs and he said i would get 60 FPS.

Help thanks !
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  1. It might be due to your network connection slow connections can cause these problems.
  2. Well, you've got a low end GPU and a dual core. BF3 multiplayer? Good FPS? Probably not.
  3. You got a gt 630m... nuff said
  4. i have a gt 320 1gb and i play bf3 at 768p at 45 fps
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